Testimonials and awards recieved by the artist.

Published in ImagineFX Halloween issue 2007

Shortlist for Exposé 2007

Nominated artist of the week: ImagineFX.com

Published in fantasy art encyclopedia 2008


What has been said by colleagues and contemporaries.

"Angel's work is consistently tasteful and well rendered, as can be seen on any of his online galleries or portfolios"
Mizhak (Ever Enchanted)

"I have worked with Angel on several project, some even still on going. Everytime I have worked with Angel he has been nothing but a true professional; he is clear within his ideas and communication. Working with Angel is a delightful and creative experience. I am always in awe of the process of working with Angel, it is incredible to watch a piece evolve from a simple stock photography into a stunning piece of digital art. I would gladly work with Angel again and recommend him to anyone."
Lady Noctis (WebSite)

"I own a few pieces of Angel's work, the reason I purchased his work was became I am such a follower of his work and art that falls within the genre of fantasy. I would gladly purchase future pieces from Angel, and I look forward to seeing that is to come."
Kaela John

"I have not worked with Angel in person, but have worked as a photographer and model for him, and on each occasion he was very clear on what it was that he wanted out of each image which is always very useful. I very much enjoyed doing the work, and seeing the rough sketches from the images I helped make is very exiting. I feel very proud that I was able to help in making some beautiful work, and I hope to work with him again.

Unfortunately I do not own any of his work, but I wish I did! "
Charis May Cozens (Website)

"Got one of your prints.. Awesome work."
Eivind Lómstein Petersen (Faeroe Isles)

"Working with Angel was enlightening. It brought a whole new aspect and perspective to myself as a model being a "work of art" Angel is dedicated and enthusiastic about his art, which reflects in his incredible and thought provoking pieces."


"I would love to spend all my money on buying Angel´s work, but sadly it is not out on sale. He is a fantastic painter/artist it is so easy to see, the things he does, he does with his heart, he really put´s his heart and soul into his pictures"
Sussi Qvist (Denmark)

"I have worked with Angel on several occasions, both as a photographer and model. On every occasion he was sensible, relaxed, and did not apply any pressure whatsoever. He made me feel very comfortable and relaxed, and it's an absolute delight working with him. The end results were amazing, and something I feel truly proud of, and he should feel immensely proud also. I hope to collaborate with him again in the near future! "

CT Media(Website)

I own several pieces of Angel's work, I love fantasy art and his is so different to other things I have seen. I also enjoy supporting local artists, which is a big plus to me. I would own a lot more of it if I wasn't a poor student! I can't wait to see some of his future pieces

Chazz Thomas (Wales UK)

"Having worked with Angel on two seperate occasions for two completely different projects, I can say that it is a delight! He has opened up new visions and is extremely talented. I can't wait to work with him again."
Rosamunde Bloodscape

"I now have four paintings from Angel. The art hits me with a warm wonder. The colours and dream sense of the subject is nice to have my walls. Angel shoed me his work at the Chalgrove festival. When some of his work became for sale and I could see these were unique work so I bought some. I would buy some more sometime when the time is right for me."

Julian Hawes (Oxfordshire, Uk)

"Working with Karl was a creative breath of fresh air.. With a dash of spice. The end results clearly paint the picture of the experience. I was relaxed and entertained, and my own opinions were valued and taken into consideration throughout the process. From the poses, to the camera and finally to the drawing board. The whole experience was a journey I find myself fondly looking back on. .. While twitching, anticipating more!

I very much look forward to working with him again!"


"Angel doesnt just think outside the box, infact I doubt he has ever seen the box to start with"