So this was an interesting challenge for me as it had been such a long time since I did non caucasian skin.

I approached it in the same manner as I would any other image, always start with a foundation sketch and creating a base layer of  Conté a Paris and CarbOthello pastel pencils to block out some basic skin tones and highlights and shadows.

At this point I made the conscious decision to focus on the features of Terry and leave the edges misty and undefined as I just wanted to really focus on the detail and likeness of the big man.

Once all the Pastel work was done, I used a Winsor Newton workable fixative spray and broke out the coloured pencil. Notably I worked a lot with Cara D’ache Luminance and Pablo pencils as well as some Derwent Procolour tones.


I used a lot of angular strokes with the pencils, I wasnt looking for a perfect smooth skin tone, I needed some texture and “tactile” feeling to the skin. I used a very sharp pencil and used the pencils quite aggressively in this manner to get this kind of effect.

As always I use Prismacolours as a finishing pencil, to bring out the lightest light and the darkest dark as their soft nature sticks so well to the other pencils without the need to press and again these rough strokes bring out more textures.